Family History

Before Ly moved back east, she decided she wanted to go visit her mom's parents grave. She was excited because she had never seen it before and figured that she should while she had the chance. One morning, Ly and Alan trekked out to the Salt Lake cemetery with some of her family and they found the grave with no problems at all -- especially because they took the advice of wise Grandpa Grant who suggested that we ask the sexton for the location of the grave instead of wandering around for hours.

Ly is very grateful for the opportunity to go with Uncle Dick because she got to listen to all sorts of stories about Grandpa and Grandma Bart whom she didn't get a chance to know very well while they were alive. And of course it's fun to hear stories about when her mom was a kid too!

One of the things Ly has enjoyed about living in Salt Lake is the opportunity to see where her mom came from - where she went to high school, where she grew up, where she played, that sort of thing. It's important to know where someone comes from in order to really understand who they are and perhaps even their point of view on life. So even if the only good thing about her year and a half spent living in Utah is the fact that she can now understand her mom a little more, it was worth it.

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Nancy said...

Neat that you got to do that! I hope we helped make it bearable, too!

I can't wait to see you again, as well. That's gonna be so nice to have you nearby.