New (Old) Furniture

Our new apartment in Washington DC is going to be great. The apartment community has a racquetball court, a couple pools, tennis courts, and a gym. The apartment itself has a loft, a fireplace, and a walk-in closet. All we have to do is furnish it so we were excited when Alan's sister decided to give back Alan's old dresser (the one that she took from his parent's house without asking). The only problem was that it was finished with a hideous orange-yellow stain that Lyanna would never allow in our new apartment. Alan, being the fix-it man that he is, decided that he would refinish the dresser in his spare time so Lyanna would allow it in the apartment until we could afford a new and better one. After buying new handles and a week of sanding, staining, and finishing, this is the finished product.

We liked it so much that we'll probably end up keeping it.

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