Last Sunday, Ly packed her bags and flew out to Texas for a week.

Why was Ly going to Texas you wonder? One word: school. Being her first time in the Lone Star State, Ly was lucky enough to experience tornado warnings, dust storms, and 95 degree heat at 9 AM. Despite the fact that she stayed inside 10+ hours a day, Ly came home with a significant sun tan and lightened hair. Gotta love Texas. She also was lucky enough to deal with multiple delayed (and canceled) flights so she had lots of time to work on her homework.

While Ly's experiences in Texas were certainly an...adventure...she came to realize one thing: being a pioneer is hard. It's hard to have the courage and strength to keep persevering when everywhere you turn people seem to question what you are doing.

Luckily, Ly got to spend some time with some of her favorite people this weekend in Dallas. And the idea of getting to see them the next few times she is in Texas makes her excited and anticipate her next trips to the Lone Star State.

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