Cupcakes make everything better

Everyone has bad days. You know the day where you forgot you still had homework to turn in, your class was awful, you are sick, a patient dies, you have no food in your house, you only slept a few hours, and you got rejected from the school you desperately wanted to attend.

Basically an Alexander day - terrible, horrible, no good, and very bad.

The solution to all of this awfulness? A cupcake. Or two. Or three. Heck, eat a dozen. No judgements here.


jeannine said...

Hey Alan and Ly,
I've been checking to see if you have blogged your next move....where did you match?

Ly + Alan said...

Hey Jeannine! We actually didn't do the match process this year - Alan is only a third year and next year he is taking a year out next year to do a masters of health administration...so we won't have to match for 2 more years.