Thanksgiving Week(end): Recovery

For Ly + Alan's first thanksgiving in Richmond, Lily decided to fly out to join the fun. Ly had been looking forward to her visit for weeks...and it was everything she thought it would be plus more. Since Alan had two tests to take and study for (such goes the life of a med student), Lil and Ly got to spend a lot of quality time together. They went shopping, went to lunch, talked lots, played games, painted their nails zebra print (or rather cow print as the case may be), baked lots of pies, rolls, made tamales and all sorts of other yummy goodness. On the actual Thanksgiving, Ly, Lily and Alan went over to a friends for a yummy dinner where there was a plethora of food - southern style. There were enough leftovers for days, so good thing it was all tasty.

Making tamales was so much and having Lily over was the definite highlight of the holiday weekend. Hopefully it is the beginning of a new tradition.

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