Meatless Mondays

A few weeks ago, Ly + Alan decided to try an experiment - meatless Mondays. Basically every Monday they go vegetarian. Now most anyone who knows Ly might immediately worry for her health because she hardly likes anything. Take out chicken and fish, where would the girl get her protein? Tofu? Heck no, she hates tofu. So in an effort to expand her horizons - and eat more veggies - the Lee family has adopted Meatless Mondays. The past 2 Mondays have been a success - homemade pea soup, homemade mac n' cheese, spinach pear salad...and no tofu. But there are lots of Mondays left so in all probability tofu will eventually make the menu.

If you have any excellent vegetarian recipes please share! =)


Nancy said...

Do you like beans? We love our beans and rice, our bean soups, our chickpea marsalas, chickpea salads, and stuff like that. Also, French Toast is a weekly meatless main we enjoy. Happy Meatless Mondays!

Melyn said...

You can add some protein to foods with flax seeds. They're really yummy :) Try other seeds too, like pumpkin seeds.