Baby Birds

Well, Ly+Alan have officially moved into their new place in Richmond. They are loving it - not only do they absolutely adore their cute new townhouse, but living near friends is a major bonus. People in Richmond are quite friendly and Alan seems to be loving school. But more on that later.

This post is instead about Alan's new-found friends the baby robins that live in the tree outside our house. Within the first week of living here, Alan noticed a nest in a tree, complete with a few eggs. Over the next few days, the baby birds emerged and we watched as the mother robin carefully and attentively cared for her babies. As the days turned into weeks, the baby robins began to hop around the trees and flap their wings in anticipation of flying. Finally, a few days ago the babies mastered the skill of flying and we haven't seen them since.

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Scott Jones said...

We miss you...we're glad that everything is going great at your place. We want to come visit or see you guys down here.