Fall Musings

The air is crisp*, the leaves are turning various shades of red, and apples are ready for the picking. Fall is in the air. The shorts, skirts, and sandals are put away in boxes awaiting next year's sunshine (or perhaps an upcoming trip to SD) and sweaters, gloves, and scarves are lining the closet shelves. Fall is one of the best times of the year simply because it is the season before Christmas...and we all know how a certain member of the Lee household LOVES Christmas.

Fall in New England** is especially great because the trees change colors, the animals are easier to spot and you can go apple picking. Then you can make your own apple pie with the apples. This year it seems as if Ly will be unable to make it out to the orchard for some apple picking fun - so she'll have to wait an entire year for the next season. She is very sad although realizes that worse things have happened to her such as:

1. Calling a child the wrong name in front of their parent...after you've been teaching them for a year
2. Dropping a cell phone in the toilet
3. Forgetting to study for a huge test
4. Watching a very scary movie and thinking that someone was hiding behind the drivers seat with a knife ready to stab you while you were driving...for a month.
5. Establishing a personal relationship with the Mexican police

As of tomorrow afternoon, Ly will be able to add a sixth thing to the above list:

6. Having more surgeries during her marriage than the number of years she's been married.

Anyway go enjoy the fall and drink a cup of hot chocolate...or if you live on the west coast go to the bookstore and drink a cup of hot chocolate and pretend it's fall because let's face it, B&N is always freezing cold anyway.

*for the longest time I was unaware of how something intangible could be considered "crisp"...however many fifth graders informed me this afternoon that it is.

**Technically we live in the Mid Atlantic Region. Just for the record.

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Cheryl and William said...

:-( I'm so sorry that you have to have yet another surgery :-( If it makes you feel any better, I won't be going apple picking out here either. Love and hugs for a quick recovery from your surgery!