Life After the MCAT

After months of hard studying Alan finally finished the MCAT. He's happy to report that even with a mild freak-out over the physics section he feels confident about his performance. The best thing about finishing the MCAT is that Alan once again has free time. He is rediscovering what it feels like to not study every second of every day and is loving spending more time with Lyanna. Alan's projects at work are once again recieving much needed attention and he is determined to figure out exactly what those cancer stem cells really do and where they like to hide out.


Staci & David said...

Have I mentioned lately how much Dallin loves his Panda? We get on YouTube to find videos of pandas and he gets so excited! When are you two coming out? We miss you! And little Porter will be making his entrance hopefully today so you need to come meet him as well!:) Glad the MCAT is over! we love you guys!

Danielle said...

Yay for more free time we need to figure something out sometime soon.